Sports Training

5th Quarter Performance Focuses on 3 Main Areas


1. Football Training

At 5th Quarter Performance football training is our specialty. Our team of coaches provide techniques and training methods learned from their playing time at the D1 and Pro levels. Some of the areas of focus include:

Offensive Line

  • Run Blocking Footwork
  • Pass Blocking Footwork
  • Punching Technique

Defensive Line/Linebackers

  • Pass Rushing Skills
  • Playing with Leverage
  • Shedding Blocks

Running Backs

  • Agility, Footwork & Reading Blocks
  • Receiving & Catching Mechanics
  • Blocking Skills

Defensive Back/Linebackers

  • Agility, Footwork & Reading Plays
  • Man on Man Coverage Skills
  • Zone Coverage Skills

Wide Receivers

  • Agility, Footwork & Route Running
  • Receiving & Catching Mechanics
  • Blocking


  • Balance & Footwork
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Filed Vision


2. Speed, Agility & Quickness (All Sports)

Regardless of sport, exceptional speed, agility and quickness is key. We work with athletes from all sports to develop the following areas:

  • Increased muscular power in all multiplanar movements
  • Increased kinesthetic or body spatial awareness
  • Proper running mechanics including, acceleration, deceleration, arm swing, linear and lateral speed
  • Increased motor skill and reaction time

The above mentioned skills are vital for athletic success in all sports. Once we have developed a solid base of foundational skills we will shift focus to applying these skills to the athletes particular sport or sports. By applying these skills in a sport specific focus we help the athlete transfer the work they are putting in directly to the field of play.


3. Strength & Conditioning (All Sports)

Finally, we feel that all the above training is incomplete without a properly programmed strength and conditioning plan. Strength and Power are key drivers for athletic success in all sports because it increases the overall efficiency of the human body. Some of the areas that will benifit from a great strength and conditi0ning program are:

  • Increased Maximal Strength
  • Increased Muscular Hypertrophy
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Increased Muscular Power
  • Increase Balance & Coordination
  • Decreased Risk of Injury


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